School Days…Starting The Day Out Right

Now that school is in full swing, let’s look into what we can do to make each day flow more smoothly and to tackle some of the challenges school brings.


BY PLANNING AHEAD THE NIGHT BEFORE. Have a regular place and time to study.  Put a priority on homework. Turn the TV off until all homework is done. Let the TV be a reward for relaxing after working.    Be consistent and your child will know that these rules are important.

SET A REGULAR BEDTIME AND STICK WITH IT.  A good night’s rest will lead to a better start the next morning.  Sleep deprivation affects the ability to learn and recall information.

A GOOD BREAKFAST STARTS THE DAY OUT RIGHT. Children who go to school hungry or get hungry before lunch have trouble concentrating and may be irritable and have headaches.  Studies have shown that children who have sugary cereals or pancakes with syrup get hungry earlier and consume more calories throughout the day. Try to have whole fruits like peaches or a banana instead of juice. Plan for proteins such as scrambled eggs and milk for breakfast instead of carbohydrates like bagels, waffles, and apple juice. A meal made of carbohydrates raises your blood sugar quickly and which is followed by a mid-morning drop in blood sugar that makes you hungry before lunch time and may make you eat more calories at lunch.

SHOW YOUR CHILD HOW IMPORTANT HER WORK IS by taking the time to review it with her each day.  Praise and rewards (and setting an example by being consistent yourself) will take you a lot further than criticism.

BUT WHAT IF YOUR CHILD IS TRYING HER BEST AND NOT SUCCEEDING?  If your children feel that you put a priority on school work and that it is important for them to do their best, they usually will do well…but what if they don’t. How do you change that around? Talk with your child and with her teacher as soon as you notice challenges with school.